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Monroe Woodbury over Garnets 7-2

Posted Friday, February 19, 2010 by Jim Powers
  1. The following game analysis comes from the JN Hockey as posted by noted blogger Fanotgame:

    Last time the Garnets played the Crusaders, MW had that state championship team with Jr A and NCAA players like Himmelson, Monohan and Garnet. This year’s team doesn’t have that kind of top level talent, but is big, fast and deep. Still don’t see how they are not state ranked. I think they are a lot like Mamo. Score a lot, but can give it up also.

    This game was a series of momentum switches. MW was a more efficient finisher when they had the mojo going. Rye had the first 5 minutes. MW the rest of the period and most of the second. Rye picks it up late in the second and carries it for most of the third. During the middle of the third, Rye had a series of odd man rushes and breakaways where the puck just wouldn’t settle for a good shot which could have made it a one goal game. Then, later in the third, Rye took too many chances trying to get some goals and MW got a few game enders, one on a shot off the back glass and off the back of the goalie.

    The outcome of the game was not in doubt after Rye’s tough start, but closer than the score indicates. A little serving of humble pie is not necessarily a bad thing before the start of playoffs. Hopefully, the boys pick it up on Friday vs. RCDS.

    Heard that MW can be a dirty team. Didn’t see any of that. No head hunting or checks from behind, A little jawing after the whistle and a few shoves. But nothing more. They move the puck well and are a very good team.

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