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PLAYLAND CLOSED update 7/15/2013

Posted Saturday, October 05, 2013 by Karen Bresolin
 The thought of ICE sounds pretty good right now, but sadly the PLAYLAND ICE CASINO reality is not. The following is an update on Playland; sorry this email is so long but after countless emails and meetings with legislators and the administration there is still not a lot to show for it. The bureaucratic process is so painfully slow it verges on criminal neglect. The Long Beach Ice Arena which was completely wiped out from Sandy, suffering real and extensive damage, has been up and running since May. 
On the other hand, Playland Ice Casino plans to be open Spring 2014.  Please see below for the correspondence from Jay Pisco, Commissioner of Westchester County Dept Public Works and Transportation, DPWT.
The geo thermal energy has been turned down due to "time constraints and scope of work"( K. Plunkett). really? TIME - what about the roof?  We know we have an historic and unique roof but architects have told me that the lamella wood roof structure is very forgiving and easily repaired, as there are only one or two "types" of pieces. Sandy was in October 2012, and here it is July 2013 and the RFP roof bids are only due July 24.
On another roof note, on May 31, a lawyer requested the roof damage report through FOIL .
"any engineering report, damage report, or FEMA worksheet concerning the repairs needed to the Playland Ice Casino after it was damaged by Hurricane Sandy. I am seeking documents that identify the repairs that are required in order to allow the ice rink to operate again. I also request documents that reflect the status of that work, such as progress reports, executive summaries, work orders and projections about the time and expense necessary to complete the necessary work."
By law, the Administration must respond within 20 days.
May 31 email sent to County Executives Office
June 10 Admin said not their area - sent it to Dept of Parks and Recreation
June 13 DPR said no such records  
June 14 DPR forward to DPWT - 6/14 stated as the date of receipt - so 20 days from this date there should be a response - again

On June 29 Kevin Plunkett, Deputy County Executive Office of the County Executive emailed me to say...
 "we still believe we are on track to open the Ice Casino in the spring of 2014. We understand and appreciate the need to be open as soon as possible."
On July 1, I received the following 'red' responses from Jay Pisco.DPWT
 -----Original Message-----
From: Karen Bresolin [mailto:kpmbresolin@gmail.com
Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2013 2:23 PM
To: Pisco, Jay
Cc: Plunkett, Kevin J.; Mooney, Bill; Myers, Judy; Catherine Parker
Subject: Playland Ice Casino
 Dear Jay,
Thank you for your response. It is disappointing to hear that the delay of the RFB is down to your review of ThermoSource. As i understand the process, the RFB could have been released earlier without impeding the schedule since a quote must be held for 45 days.
As far as the actual geothermal technology ever being implemented, I can only imagine that with time it will become a necessity and not regarded as a luxury.
Regardless, this still leaves Westchester County hockey constituents without an ice rink.
So that I may inform the PUCKS players what is going on, could you please answer the following questions.
 Are there only two areas of damage that require an RFP, the boiler and the roof? Do the blown off doors constitute another RFP?
 Two contracts have been issued, one for roofing and structural repairs and one for replacement of the Casino Boilers.  No additional contracts will be required to address the storm damage.
The RFB bids were due on June 19.
Did you receive any bids?
When will the contract be awarded?
How long do you expect the construction to take?
 Bids were received on June 19th.   The County is currently in the process of awarding the contract.  After award and upon execution of contracts a notice to proceed will be issued with a contractual completion timeframe.
Has an RFP gone out for the roof?
What is the scope of the project?
What are the the plans and specs?
What is the budget estimate?
 Bids are due on July 24th.  Similar to the Boiler contact, after award and upon execution of contracts, a notice to proceed will be issued with a contractual completion timeframe.  The project includes all necessary roofing and structural work to allow the facility to be re-opened for public use.  Please note, that it is the policy of the Office of the County Executive not to issue contract estimates during bidding.
 Here we are in June, 8 months after the storm and so little seems to be done. On March 14, you had said that the rink would open in the Spring of 2014. Can we still expect to see Ice in the Ice Casino then? As Manager of the Rye High School Varsity Hockey Team, I would like assurance that we only have one year of home Ice at the Ice Hutch. The extra costs, financially, logistically and emotionally are huge. Everyone is waiting to come home.
Thank you again
Karen Bresolin, PUCKS  for Playland
Finally, the "Asset Managers" of Playland are still not officially signed on, but this should have NOT have ANY bearing on the construction/repair of the Ice Casino because the County is fully responsible for the completion.
That is it for now. The only way anyone knows that you are unhappy is if you tell them. It is an election year and most of the delay is probably down to politics. This is OUR money and OUR time that they are wasting. Demoralizing and disgusting.

P.S. It REALLY does not look like the Reckson Rinks are happening.

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